I only started installing Homematic in my home 1 week ago (My first home automation system) so below could be my issue but I do not think so.

I cannot get the Hm-Lc-Dim1PWM-CV paired with the CCU2 ( I have paired multiple other wireless and wired units without issues), I have followed the manual to the point but it refuses to show up in the CCU2 postbox.

Steps I did to teach the actor to the CCU:

1. Connected all wires to the actor (I tried with and without led strip connected)
2. Powered on the actor (tested with 12V and 24V from different power supplies and a lab power supply)
3. Waited anywhere from 5 seconds – minutes
4. Started the teaching mode on the CCU2 WebUI
5. Waited from 1-30 second (trying 10+ times) and then held the button on the actor down for 4-10 seconds (Until the led on the actor started blinking red )
6. Waited, waited, waited but result is always 0 new devices in the CCU

I have tried teaching the actor to the CCU using the Serial number and then the red LED on the dimmer starts blinking but after a while the webui shows a messagebox saying that the teaching failed and that I should check the serial number.

I have enabled all logging on the CCU2 and checked the log file but there is no mention of the device, the pairing or any errors.

I have directly paired the Hm-Lc-Dim1PWM-CV with a wireless toggle switch and that works (I can dim, switch it on and off)….

I tried resetting the actor (Pushed button on actor for 5 seconds, released it and waited 1-2 before pressing it again for 4 seconds and then the LED starts flashing read fast) but same results when trying to pair with the CCU after the reset.

Just to check that the CCU2 works, I paired an unused wireless toggle switch and a 8 button remote to the CCU2 and that works without issues, so not a general issue on the CCU.

Have tested with a short and a long distance (2m-15m) between CCU and actor but same result.

I have 3 new preassembled Hm-Lc-Dim1PWM-CV units and they all behave in the same way, so I think this is an issue with the CCU2, a general issue with the Hm-LC-DimPWM-CV Or I am doing something wrong.

Is there any known issue with the Hm-LC-DimPWM-CV and pairing it to the CCU2?

Does anyone have any idea what to try next?